When I was only 4 years old, my parents knew there was something different about me.
Final Personal Logo- Callie RochelleThey said that I was the one they couldn’t keep still, the one who always was running around with the boys playing any type of sport I could get my hands on.

I was not going to be like my oldest sister who was a smiling ballerina, or my middle sister who was a born actress and received much of the “looks” in the family…I was just going to be different.

I loved sports. Any type of sports really. From soccer to baseball to lacrosse… I just wanted to learn how to play them all and if I wasn’t good at them, I would just sit in front of a TV and pick a team and cheer them on because I just loved to see all the competitiveness and the happiness in someones eyes when they finally received the win, or trophy, or medal.

My favorite has to be watching the Olympics. I remember watching the 2004 Summer Olympics held in Athens, where Misty May and Kari Walsh took home the Gold Medal in Women’s Beach Volleyball. That was a moment where I wish I could have talked to them.. seen their reactions in person… Asked what did it take to get where they were in that very moment… I wonder if to them it was all worth it?  This was also the moment I fell in love with volleyball and made it my life goal to someday make it big within the sport.

I am currently the starting setter for the University of West Alabama volleyball team, studying to become a sports broadcaster so by the 2020 Olympics, I will be there, cheering on my favorite USA Teams, and being able to meet and speak with people who have inspired me everyday to push myself past my limits and excel in everything I do. I will be there because I know that making it to the Olympics playing, was their dream. My dream is to be able to broadcast every heartfelt story of every athlete so the world can see that they aren’t all overpaid, stuck up athletes, but they are people who inspire others each and everyday. (: