When I first started looking into media as a possible job for the future, I thought there was only one side of the camera that I could fall in love with: in front. Now that I have been working   diligently in learning techniques behind the camera, I realize there is a whole other world I never  dreamed I could fall in love with, but I did.

I love the feeling of capturing the emotion of a baseball player hitting his first home run, or the head coaches 100th win against the #1 team in the state. I mean come on, everyone loves candid shots, don’t they? Lucky enough, sometimes I get to be the one who captures those pictures and every time someone looks at them, they get to experience those emotions all over again.

We won (:

This picture brings back the exact moment my team won a game that secured our spot in the GSC Tournament, a moment I, my teammates, and our families, will never forget. We were that Cinderella team no one thought could make it, but no matter how funny I may look in this photo, I am thankful for the photographer capturing the exact feeling we all had when we won that final point.

Pictures speak a 1,000 words.

Take a picture! Take a picture! The words screaming from my mom’s mouth every time I do anything, and I mean anything. I could be drinking a glass of water at a new restaurant in town and she just thinks I need a picture of it, so she snaps away. (Can’t be to mad, I mean it did hit my Instagram page notlong after, haha!)  To those parents who always have to take a camera EVERYWHERE… We know you just want a chance to remember and celebrate the good times you have with your family.. And we all love it, (even when we say we don’t). Little Ryan’s first goal scored in the wrong net in soccer, or my first family trip to the cabin: We all wouldn’t be the same without those videos and photos. Thanks for always being one of those crazy parents, mom. 🙂

So next time I go out to a game shooting some footage, I am going to aim to always capture that feeling of an athlete on their final game, or a team screaming in joy after a victorious State championship won, those are the ones everyone loves to see.

Behind the camera captures the natural side, and I believe that’s why I fell in love with it too.  (:


Behind the Lines: Photography and Videography