During my first graphic design class in college, we were told to make a logo that could be used as a personal stamp for all of our work. Since I started in college, I always wanted to be a Major League Baseball Host and a NCAA volleyball commentator. Being a sports broadcaster, I will always be on the move, which is showcased in my legs in a walking position. I chose to put my hair up because in sports, you are taught to put your hair up whenever you get serious (games, practices, scrimmages.) Overall, I wanted to represent that I am focused 24/7, driven, and always on the move.

One day sitting in the office, Ryan P. Kerwin and I were talking about my secret hidden talents. One of them is I love to design personal logos. Ryan is currently a freelance photographer located in Jackson, Michigan. He shoots commerical, publications, event, wdding, high school sports, people and portraits all over the Michigan area. Looking for a photographer for your next event? Find his contact information here. I have to ask, can you see the R and K?

During my internship at Jackson Television station in Jackson, Michigan, the owners and marketing department decided on a new television show. Summer Grillin’ is a new TV show aired during the summer of 2016. When asked to create the first ever logo for the new show, I was very excited and honored for the opportunity! I created this logo to show the fun, sun, heat and barbeque. All the features in this 2016 hit TV show! Check an episode out here. 

Because 85% of all addicts become addicted before the age of 18, Equip Ministries Inc. is committed to an effective ministry of prevention of drug abuse. I have the honor of being the creative director for the entire ministry since the beginning just a few short months ago. By bringing Equip founder, Matt Kelley, vision to life, he has been able to share the gospel and help children and young adults addictions all over the southeast. If you would like to get into contact with his uproaring ministry, please contact him here. 

Where We Live is a current TV show running at Jackson Television station. While attending my internship in 2016, they decided they wanted to rebrand the TV show logo. The logo you see on the left, is the logo I turned into the company. Currently it is not being used, but it is still availible for future projects with the company. I decided to do a city scape since the show is all about Jackson, Michigan. I chose the multicolors to give a fun feel since downtown Jackson is on the rise. If you have a chance, check out BZB Cafe- their deep fried burgers are amazing! Check out my interview here.

In a graphic design class, we were asked to take a random word given to us by our Professor and make a company. When I received the word seed, I had a long debate if I was going to attach it to sports or flowers. Once we did an entire branding section of the class, I decided that Seed was going to be an organic wedding invitation company whose invites can be planted and they will turn into flowers. When I get married, I would love to find a company who makes these invitations. Recycling is important in todays society!

Art Beat is a featured show monthly on JTV. The company asked me to make a new logo for the show, so this is an option for the next season of Art Beat airing later in 2017.

One Hour Football Show is a current show running during the fall for high school football on JTV. This logo is an option for them to change to in 2017.

One Hour Football Show is a current show running during the fall for high school football on JTV. This logo is a second option for them to change to in 2017.